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Sourdough bâtards

Another super successful sourdough, courtesy of Mr. Bubbly. This’un has a bit of whole wheat, but is mostly just bread flour. I also made it pointy. Because crunchy points are great.

565g bread flour
75g whole wheat flour
375g water
225g ripe 100% hydration starter
15g salt

First take your freshly ripened starter (when it’s been fed and has doubled) and put it the requisite amount in a large bowl. Add the flour, and water, and mix well. Allow it to sit for a half hour to autolyze, then add the salt and knead to a medium level of gluten development. This should only take about five minutes. Put aside to rise until doubled in a warm place.

When the dough is doubled, divide it in half and shape into bâtards, or whatever shape you prefer. Put the loaves on a floured baking linen and allow to proof for another couple hours.

Preheat you oven and baking stone to 450˚F. Slide your loaves onto the baking stone, and cook for 35 minutes, depending on shape.


Mr. Bubbly’s Progeny

My new starter has worked far better than I’d dared to hope. I baked three loaves of Norwich sourdough from http://www.wildyeastblog.com/2007/07/08/my-new-favorite-sourdough/ . I even left a little bit over for making pizza this week. Sourdough pizza can only be awesome.

Results of taste test: om nom nom. Crackley chewy crust and bubbly, moist and tart crumb. Super good.

Mr. Bubbly

I have a new sourdough starter named Mr. Bubbly. He is a 100% hydration starter that I got from the Hungry Ghost bakery by way of my friend Noah. My last attempt to maintain a sourdough starter didn’t give me very good results, so I’m hoping a more mature starter will do better things for me. Plus, my more regimented baking routine will allow for more regular feeding and baking. There will be sourdough bread very soon, with a little luck juice.

Tonight I’m flying solo at work, so I’ll be there until 4 AM or so. Eughhh.