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Sourdough bâtards

Another super successful sourdough, courtesy of Mr. Bubbly. This’un has a bit of whole wheat, but is mostly just bread flour. I also made it pointy. Because crunchy points are great.

565g bread flour
75g whole wheat flour
375g water
225g ripe 100% hydration starter
15g salt

First take your freshly ripened starter (when it’s been fed and has doubled) and put it the requisite amount in a large bowl. Add the flour, and water, and mix well. Allow it to sit for a half hour to autolyze, then add the salt and knead to a medium level of gluten development. This should only take about five minutes. Put aside to rise until doubled in a warm place.

When the dough is doubled, divide it in half and shape into bâtards, or whatever shape you prefer. Put the loaves on a floured baking linen and allow to proof for another couple hours.

Preheat you oven and baking stone to 450˚F. Slide your loaves onto the baking stone, and cook for 35 minutes, depending on shape.