I know, I said I wasn’t going to post today. But we had some fiddleheads that we needed to eat, and it occurred to me that a lot of people have never really heard of them, or at least never heard of them as a food. They are very pretty. They have a somewhat delicate flavor, so I just steamed them and put some butter on them. On the side I had spaghetti with a nice alfredo sauce (if you ask I can publish the recipe, although I didn’t measure anything). I also used the chance to break out my snazzy new (and by new I mean vintage) Pyrex™ bowls. They are brown with wheat on the side.

Apparently tonight I’m going to work…. but without my work actually being there. I work in an old milk truck with a kitchen in it, and the truck is in the shop tonight. So…. not sure how that’s going to work but it’ll be fun.

Bread tomorrow. Probably.

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